Playable Guitar Hero Textadventure

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Ich fass' es nicht. Vor einer Woche ging ein Fun-Bildchen mit einem Guitar Hero Textadventure rum, genau sowas hat jetzt Bill Meltsner programmiert.

The current management of this rather seedy venue doesn't much care about appearances, apparently. Nonetheless, it's become one of the hottest spots in the area, attracting surly alcoholics from all around. A variety of local acts, the vast majority unrelentingly terrible, play here every Tuesday night. Coincidentally, it's Tuesday night.

A host of unsavory-looking people makes up your audience for the night. They're all staring at you expectantly.

A fake plastic guitar lies on the ground in front of you.

Bolted to the wall is a television screen, dark and forboding.

>take guitar
You pick up the guitar.

The crowd around you quiets down, an expectant hush settling over the room.

You are carrying:
a guitar

The screen flickers to life, revealing a grid with five columns and colored circles falling down them. Music begins to blast from the speakers.

A blue circle slides down the screen.

>press blue
You push the blue button.

A orange circle slides down the screen.

>press orange
You push the orange button.

A red circle slides down the screen.

The audience is silent, watching your every move.

Und wenn man zu oft den falschen Button drückt, passiert folgendes:

Your utter failure to mimic a series of colored circles enrages the crowd, who storm the stage. Chaos ensues as someone grabs the guitar out of your hands and beats you over the head with it, knocking you unconscious. Your prone body is trampled to death by the enraged audience.

Champion of Guitars (via Offworld)

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