Edgar Allan Poes 'Many Worlds' Theorie von 1848

Man geht allgemein davon aus, der Erfinder der „Many Worlds“-Theorie sei Hugh Everett (vorher auf Nerdcore: Eels’ Mark Everetts Doku über seinen toten Vater, den Erschaffer paralleler Welten), jetzt habe ich einen Auszug aus Edgar Allan Poes letztem Buch „Eureka“ gefunden, indem Poe eindeutig eine „Many Worlds“-Theorie aufstellt. Hach, Poe und Quantenphysik...

Let me declare, only, that, as an individual, I myself feel impelled to the fancy — without daring to call it more — that there does exist a limitless succession of Universes, more or less similar to that of which we have cognizance — to that of which we shall ever have cognizance — at the very least until the return of our own particular Universe into Unity. If such clusters of clusters exist, however — and they do — it is abundantly clear that, having had no part in our origin, they have no portion in our laws. They neither attract us, nor we them. Their material — their spirit is not ours — is not that which obtains in any part of our Universe. They could not impress our senses or our souls. Among them and us — considering all, for the moment, collectively — there are no influences in common. Each exists, apart and independently, in the bosom of its proper and particular God.

Edgar Allan Poe's 'Many Worlds' theory — Published in 1848, 82 years before Hugh Everett was born