Harry Potter Mystery Box


Bruce Wright hat diese superdetailierte Harry Potter Mystery Box seiner Frau zu Weihnachten geschenkt. Inspirieren lies er sich durch die Caroline-Boxen, die an Weblogs in Amerika verschickt werden, um den neuen Film von „Nightmare before Christmas“-Regisseur Henry Selick zu promoten.

The parcel arrived on our doorstep around eleven pm on the Twenty-fourth. It was addressed to Harry Potter, 12 Grimauld Place, London. It was wrapped in brown paper, and two envelopes from the Department of Mysteries were attached with string.

The letters expressed that this box had been in the custody of the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Mysteries in the intervening years since the passing of Albus Dumbledore, and he had indicated that the items were intended for Harry. Now the Department was insisting that Harry come ‘round to collect it or it would be sent by Owl or disposed of. Also no-one at the Ministry could manage to open the box, or knew what it contained.

The Box was wooden, clad with iron bracing, and sealed with wax and cord. A silver crest bearing the Fleur de Lis was affixed to the front.

The box contained a message from Albus Dumbledore to Harry, as well as the collected effects and writings of Nicolas Flamel, the alchemist who discovered the Philosopher’s Stone.

It also contained the Stone itself, which Harry had believed had been destroyed almost seventeen years ago.

This truly was a mystery box....

Dreampunk Mystery Box (via Superpunch)