Designers Republic R.I.P.

Nach 23 Jahren hat das wahrscheinlich einfussreichste Design-Studio der 90er, The Designers Republic, Insolvenz angemeldet Das Bild oben ist das Cover einer Ausgabe der legendären Emigre, die dem Studio damals ein komplettes Heft widmete, das heute auch im New Yorker MoMA steht. Snip von Wikipedia:

The Designers Republic was introduced to a larger audience by their record covers for the English electronica label Warp Records (also based in Sheffield). In addition to designing the covers for much of Warp's roster of artists, such as Autechre and Aphex Twin, tDR has also created covers for other label artists such as Fluke, Funkstörung, The Orb, Pulp (and Jarvis Cocker), Pop Will Eat Itself, Supergrass and Towa Tei.

Outside of the musical sector, tDR created the visuals, packaging and manual for the PlayStation/Sega Saturn game Wipeout, the interface for the PC game Hardwar, and packaging and posters for the first Grand Theft Auto. They cooperated with the Swatch company in 1996 to design their own watch. They also designed the packaging for Sony's Aibo.

Und jetzt das... Ladies and Gentlemen: Designers Republic is no more. Snip von Creative Review:

All week, rumours have been flying around the internet that DR had gone out of business. CR can confirm that it is true. On Tuesday this week, the business was closed with nine staff being made redundant. According to its founder, Ian Anderson, the studio became insolvent due to a combination of factors: “We’d lost a couple of clients, didn’t win a couple of pitches, got a tax bill which should have been sorted out and wasn’t and a major client who didn’t pay the money they owed us – in themselves any of those things would have been fine but when they come all at once there’s not much you can do.”

The Designers Republic Is Dead; Long Live The Designers Republic