Air Guitar Strings

23.01.2009 Misc #Guitars

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Hier sind ein paar Luftgitarrensaiten, gemacht aus feinster Luft aus den Hochgebirgstälern von Guatemala, angereichert mit Aromen von Melisse bis Zitronengras. Und die ganze Luftverschmutzung haben sie auch rausgefiltert.

If you absolutely, positively must rock and roll all night, then there is no substitute for our patented Air Guitar Strings! Our strings are made of the best available air, that has been cold filtered to remove 99.99% of all toxins, smogs, acid rain residue and greenhouse gasses. Best of all, our strings have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Yessiree, you heard me right there Yngwie, if our strings don't last the lifetime of your air guitar, just send them back and we will replace them at no charge!

Air guitar strings (via Geekologie)