Vintage Lowrider Bike


Wikipedia schreibt über Lowrider Bikes: „Lowrider bikes first appeared in the 1960's in America. It was started by 'Custom King' George Barris who customised automobiles. Kids would copy his work on their bikes usually using common muscle bicycles, allowing those who were too young to drive a car to have a custom vehicle.“

Ist natürlich Bullshit, Lowrider gab es schon in den Dreißiger Jahren, die Vorteile stehen im Mini-Artikel bei Modern Mechanix:

WITH a seat only 19 inches from the ground making it unnecessary for the rider to leave the seat when stopping in traffic, a new type bicycle affords more safety and greater speed as well as being easier to ride. The leg muscles are supplemented by the back muscles when going up hill. The rider sits in the same position as in an automobile, thus reducing discomfort.

Low Bike Gives Added Power (Jun, 1937)

Und jetzt kommt genau das, was kommen muss beim Thema Lowrider: ZZ Tops „Lowrider“ zu einem Video mit Cheech & Chong.

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