Fotos aus Anatomie-Museen


Flickr-User Prof. Jas. Mundie ist durch Europa gereist und hat Anatomie-Museen in England, Frankreich und Holland besucht und Fotos daraus in ein fantastisches Flickr-Set hochgeladen.

In 2007, I received a travel grant to visit various medical and anatomy museums in Europe. In particular, I was interested in those museums with extensive teratology — the study of "monsters" — collections. During late January and early February 2008, I traveled to England, France and Holland drawing from and photographing (with permission of the curators of each institution) interesting specimens and objects.

Das da oben ist eine Serie Glasaugen aus dem Museum der Medizingeschichte an der Uni René Descartes.

European anatomy museums (via BoingBoing)