Doku: The Haunted World of Ed Wood Jr.

(Youtube Direktedwood, via MeFi)

Bei Youtube Movies gibt es die Doku „The Haunted World of Ed Wood Jr.“ in der haufenweise Leute zu Wort kommen, die mit dem Orson Wells des B-Movies gearbeitet haben. Ich liebe ja „Plan 9 from outer space“, einer der besten schlechten Filme, die jemals gedreht wurden. Diese Doku habe ich gestern abend verschlungen. Nicht täuschen lassen, die ersten anderthalb Minuten kommen nur B-Movie-Sounds, danach geht es los. Snip von IMDB:

Produced by Ed Wood's former business partner, "The Haunted World of Ed Wood, Jr" is a compilation of people who knew Ed Wood, either personally or prefessionally, discussing various elements of his personality. The interview segments are spliced with revealing clips from his films, including clips from: "Bride of the Atom", "Glen or Glena", and "Plan 9 From Outer Space". Different people being interviewed see Ed Wood from unique perspectives. These perspectives range from adoration, to contempt, to pity, to adulation.

The interviews reveal as much about the cast as they do about Ed Wood. Also contains footage of Ed Wood's first TV commercial and unreleased short productions including "Crossroads of Lorado" and another 5 minute western origionally meant to be a home movie. In the end, this low-budget movie stays true to Ed Wood's heart, and gives a both a devoted fan or just a curious onlooker very personal insights into this complicated man.

Apropos Youtube Movies, dort gibt es neben dieser Perle noch folgende Gems: Vincent Price: The Sinister Image, Love & A .45, Beware The Blob, Casino Royale (1967), We Are The Strange, The Danish Poet und einige andere. Die meisten sind auch hierzulande anzuschauen.