Star Wars-Fine Art Photoshop-Contest (2)


Ein halbes Jahr nach dem ersten Star Wars Ren-Contest ist der zweite Star Wars-meets-Fine Art Photoshop-Contest bei Worth1000 zu Ende gegangen. Die Ergebnisse sind nicht ganz so spannend, wie im ersten Teil, aber immer noch mindestens okay.

I went to an art gallery the other day. The artworks were all right, I guess, but you know what they were missing? Wookiees. There wasn't one Wookiee in sight. Also no Jedis, no Storm Troopers ... in fact none of the artworks had any Star Wars elements at all!

In this contest we're going to rectify the art world's mistake by placing Star Wars character, items, vehicles and scenes into classic art works. Paintings, tapestries and sculptures are all allowed.

Star Wars Ren 2 – A long time ago, in an art gallery far far away ... (via Superpunch)