Making of a Star Wars-Novel-Cover

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For me, the coolest aspect of Luke was the fighter pilot thing, and so I picked the point in the story arc where he had just defeated the Emperor in Episode VI, and began to rid the universe of the Empire as the leader of “Rogue Squadron,” which is covered only in novels and comics. I was inspired by a pic I had done for Wizards of the Coast’s minifigure series packaging, featuring a load of X-wings from the Episode IV Battle of Yavin. I wanted Luke on the battlefield with Rogue Squadron blowing by overhead...and that’s how “Rogue Leader,” the limited print for Celebration IV was born. It was dumb luck that the pic was perfect for the book Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor.

For Luke, I shot myself in orange flight suit and white tuxedo vest, in my front hall. I montaged three shots for a cool, but unlikely, twist and laid in my older X-wings over a stock photo of a sunset shot.Dave Seeley, Luke Skywalker

I developed an original Luke head from non-Mark Hamill pics, and began building background with city shots, and oil refinery pics. Once established, I used prior Hamill pics to refine the Luke likeness.

Dave Seeley’s Luke Skywalker, a digital step-by-step

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