Fakepilot reports on Gaza

(Youtube Direktfakepilot, via cpluv)

Mattias Lindberg aka Fakepilot ist ein Designer aus Schweden und gibt sich gerne politisch. Hier sein neuester Newsflash über den Krieg in Gaza. (Vorher auf Nerdcore: Fakepilot News: Do you want to be a dictator too?)

Good evening, this is Fakepilot. I'm back, with another neocon news report. Free-doom for Gaza!

United States closest ally Israel, have now killed over 900 people in Gasa. Over 3.000 wounded. 30% are children.

The plan: genocide or total extinction.
The excuse: The rockets from Hamas must be stopped. And since the rocket silos are portable - we have no other choice but to kill them all.

The weapons: Phosphor shells. They look beautiful, shooting out phosphor particles, like smoking killer jellyfish in the sky. They self ignite in oxygen, burn through flesh and bones. All though forbidden, great for tightly occupied places like Gaza City.

Cluster bombs. A weapon that 94 countries signed a deal to ban, is raining over Gaza. Just like in Lebanon, children and civilians will be killed by clusters long after impact.

For the first time ever, I present the latest in robot technology. The Pilotless aircraft drones. It's the silent death from above and it's cost effective. It's almost like a Fake Pilot. Get it? The drone circles at high altitudes, hunting for human flesh. The drone targets both heat and cell phone signals. Their missiles are silent but highly destructive, on impact, they destroy everything within a 15 meters radius.

And now, the secret weapon. Depleted uranium tank shells. They can cut through trucks, walls, armies even tanks, like a knife through butter. They leave radioactive dust, which can kill slowly and apply birth defects to generations centuries later.

No food. No water. No electricity.

The best way to extinction is to block all entrances and destroy the supply of drinking water. It takes 3 days and nights for a full grown to die from dehydration. 750.000 people in Gaza have no water. According to UN, they would need 400 emergency convoy trucks into Gaza every day. UN reports a maximum of 37 each day. Mubarak of Egypt, blocking and waiting for Israel to finish the job.

Back in the white house, George W. Bush mourns the tragic death of India Willie, the cat. Lets have a silent 5 seconds grief and pray.

There is a Norwegian doctor drawing to much attention. He reported signs of depleted uranium, which should be kept a secret.

Reporters, is your propaganda getting rusty? Blame Hamas and their human shields. Yes, you can shoot children hostages in order to kill the enemy. Look! there is a terrorist in the hospital! No, the Red Cross ambulance was a disguised terrorist truck!

Glad you support us with our war against Muslims. I mean war against terrorism.

Remember, the illusion of democracy - must persist. That's it for tonight. Rot in pieces.