Lawrence Lessig und Stephen Colbert streiten um das Copyright

(Youtube Direktcolbert, via BoingBoing)

Gestern abend war CC-Erfinder Larry Lessig in Stephen Colberts Colbert-Report und stritt mit ihm über Copyright und warum es unsere Kinder (und uns, ahem!) kriminalisiert.

Colbert: You say our copyright laws are turning our kids into criminals, because they're keeping kids from doing all the remixing they want of pre-existing art and copywritten material, right?

Isn't that like saying that arson laws are turning our kids into pyromaniacs?? They're breaking the law! You can't just throw the law out the window!

Lessig: "Totally failed war." Is that familiar to you?

Colbert: No. No. You're saying we need a surge?

Lessig: We tried the surge. For ten years we've been waging this war. Artists have not gotten any more money, businesses have not gotten any more profit, and our kids have been turned into criminals.

Am Ende streiten sie noch ein bisschen darum, ob man das Video nun remixen dürfe, oder nicht:

Colbert: Nobody should take my work and do anything with it that is not approved! Ever ever never ever take anything of mine and remix it! For instance, I will be very angry and possibly litigious if anyone out there takes this interview right here and remixes it with some great dance beat. And it starts showing up in clubs across America.

Lessig: Actually, we're joint copyright owners. I'm ok with that. You can totally remix this. I'm fine with that.

Nun... ein paar Klicks später geschah, was geschehen musste...

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[update] Hier ein weiterer Remix von Eclectic Method. (Danke Graipfruit!)

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