Think Geek Interview

(Vimeo Direktgeeks, via Geardiary)

Jimmy Rogers von Geeks are sexy hat ein Interview mit den sonst sehr publikumsscheuen (Geeks!) Machern von Think Geek, dem besten Onlineshop, ever, geführt. Ein Interview voller Toys und Gadgets und Shirts, yay!

The first thing we did was take a little tour of the offices. Each little room was different. The T-Shirt Gals had their own area with tons of t-shirt designs on the wall. There were customer support, tech support, and the areas for getting and testing new products. On one of the office windows there was a huge idea space, where the staff collaborated on the next blog post. On another wall, Darth Vader reigned unchallenged.

The crowd was by and large fairly camera shy, so we decided to settle down with one of the friendlier geeks, John Frazier, a ThinkGeek buyer. He was deemed the best man for the job because he actually procures the company's awesome products. John was extremely enthusiastic about our little project and really bent over backwards for us. He's also a Jedi model (for ThinkGeek anyway). That's him on the left!

John's interview made up most of our final video. He answered questions about the ThinkGeek "origin story," where they get their products from, and what it's like to there. Some of the stuff that didn't make it into the video was also very interesting:

- John used to work in a computer store with the guy who now runs the group inside of Google that manages Google's infamous white board (containing their master plan).

- During the taping of my interview questions (we only had one microphone), John still gave answers (fake ones) but they mostly involved how most of ThinkGeek's ideas and apparel come from homeless people. Dumpster diving also appears to be a large portion of his work (hopefully this will find its way into a blooper reel some day).

- That funny flashy thing in the video is a coaster that blinks differently depending on whose drink it is.

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