Onion-Autor verkauft ungebrauchten Witz auf Ebay

02.01.2009 Fun Misc #Ebay

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Ich glaube tatsächlich, der meint das ernst. Also so ernst, wie ein Autor des Onion etwas ernst meinen kann.


My name is John Harris, and I am a staff writer at The Onion, America's Finest News Source. I am selling a joke that I can't find a contextual home for. To be fair, it's less of a joke and more of a dated, Capote-esque cocktail party bon mot, but decidedly more feeble. The best one can reasonably expect from this item is a self-satisfied chuckle, such as can be observed issuing from someone wearing a turtleneck while reading the Harper's Index. If that didn't make you barf, please continue reading.

The item in question will be clearly hand-printed on a 3x5 index card and mailed to the winning bidder upon receipt of payment. It has never been used, and the buyer assumes all responsibility for any consequences that might stem from sharing this joke, including the dissolution of friendships and romantic relationships due to loss of respect. The bidding will start at $0.57 so I can at least recoup the cost of the stamp and the eBay listing charge.

One Joke auf Ebay (via Reddit)

Im Frageteil der Auktion beantwortet der Autor die Frage nach der möglichen Bekämpfung von Nazis mit dem Witz mit „Nein“. Deshalb hier als Ersatz der lustigste und tödlichste Witz der Welt, mit dem Monty Python flugs die Nazis aus dem Weg räumten. My Dog's got no nose! How does he smell? Awful!

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