Popeye ist seit heute Public Domain

In der EU ist Popeye seit heute in Public Domain, jeder kann die Comic Strips legal auf Shirts drucken oder sonstwie reproduzieren.

Elzie Segar, the Illinois artist who created Popeye, his love interest Olive Oyl and nemesis Bluto, died aged 43 in 1938 and an EU law that protects the rights of authors for 70 years after their death is about to end.

The copyright expiry means that, from Thursday, anyone can print and sell Popeye posters, T-shirts and even create new comic strips, without the need for authorisation or to make royalty payments, the Times reports.

Mr Segar drew Popeye, with his corn cob pipe and anchor tattoos, as a “working-class Joe” who suffered torment from Bluto until he “can't stands it no more”. Eating spinach turned Popeye into a pumped-up everyman hero whose bulging muscles helped him withstand bullets, lift huge weights, swim unusually fast and sometimes even fly.

Popeye's copyright to expire in January (via CBR)