Left4Dead-Character-Bots fighting Zombies @Twitter

Tom Armitage hat vier Twitterbots programmiert, die nach den Hauptcharakteren aus „Left 4 Dead“ benannt und lässt diese Zombie-Outbreaks in Twitter bekämpfen. Irre. Total irre. Oder auch: Manche Menschen haben einfach zuviel Zeit. Per Twittersuche kann man die vier Zombie-Fighter auf Twitter in Echtzeit lesen.

Recently, I decided to flex my programming skills a bit and build not one but four bots. And, more specifically: four bots that talk to each other.

Enter @louis_l4d, @zoey_l4d, @bill_l4d and @francis_l4d. You might notice that they’re named for the characters in Left 4 Dead.

This is not a coincidence.

One of the most wonderful things in that game (which I’ve already commented on the brilliance of) is the banter between the four player characters. There’s so much dense, specific scripting, and enough dialogue so that it rarely repeats. I thought it would be interesting to see if you could simulate the four players’ dialogue over Twitter, sharing some state between the bots, but also finding a way to make them communicate a little with each other.

Twit 4 Dead: more silly nonsense with Twitter bots. (via Waxy)