John Maeda, Direktor der Rhode Island School of Design

28.12.2008 Design Misc
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Share: Twitter Facebook Mail hat einen schönen Artikel über John Maedas neuen Job als Direktor an der Rhode Island School of Design. Ich verfolge John Maedas Karriere jetzt schon seit Jahren, unter anderem deshalb, weil er zwei Bereiche zusammenbringt, die für mich zusammengehören: Kunst und Programmierung nämlich. Für den Job am RISD hat er den Direktorposten am MIT-MediaLab an den Nagel gehängt, um da erstmal alles auf den Kopf zu stellen. Ich mag seine Einstellung, keine vorgefertigten Antworten zu liefern, sondern lieber Fragen zu stellen und selbst den verrücktesten Ideen nachzugehen. Absolut lesenswerter Artikel!

At 42, he doesn't own a suit, preferring trousers and T-shirts and scarves. He blogs voracious ly and Twitters with gusto. With a resume that spans illustrious accomplishments in computer science, graphic design, and fine art, Maeda is, many believe, uniquely qualified to lead one of the nation's oldest art and design colleges into the future.


"I'm Twitterable, Facebookable, iTunesable, because everybody needs different access," he explains. "I can't do my job unless I can hear what the people need or want from me."

Maeda doesn't think he has all the answers. He thinks that everyone around him has the answers and sees his presidency - and the opportunity to empower the community he leads - as nothing short of a reestablishment of democratic principles.

According to Will McLoughlin, president of the RISD Student Alliance, it's not just lip service.

"Everyone is definitely talking about John," says McLoughlin, a senior in the architecture department. "No one is exactly sure what he's doing, but there's trust among the students that he's doing the right things - I think because he's willing to entertain all these conversations and go anywhere with any topic. At this recent meeting he had with students one said, 'Can you cc the student body on every e-mail you send,' trying to force a radical translation of this transparency thing. John said, 'It's a crazy idea. I like this idea.' We got into more detail about it, and it was clear it wouldn't work out. But his attitude, his willingness to listen and engage, is something the student body can appreciate."

A captivating force at RISD helm (via Core77)