Big Pictures kompletter Hubble-Weihnachtskalender


Big Picture hatte ja einen Weihnachtskalender mit tollen Bildern des Hubble-Teleskops, der ist jetzt natürlich komplett und sieht fantastisch aus. Und beim Betrachten dieses Bildes hier, da fühlt man sich auf einmal ziemlich klein, wenn man die Hintergrundgeschichte dazu kennt:

This image is called the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, and it is by far my favorite Hubble image. Starting in late 2003, astronomers pointed Hubble at a tiny, relatively empty part of our sky (only a few stars from the Milky Way visible), and created an exposure nearly 12 days long over a four-month period. The result is this amazing image, looking back through time at thousands of galaxies that range from 1 to 13 billion light-years away from Earth. Some 10,000 galaxies were observed in this tiny patch of sky (a tenth the size of the full moon) - each galaxy a home to billions of stars. Go outside tonight, take a ball-point pen with you, and hold it up in front of the night sky at arm's length. The tip of your pen is about 1 millimeter wide, and at arm's length, it would cover the 10,000 galaxies seen in the Ultra Deep Field image. That's how unbelievably massive the visible universe is.

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