Star Trek The Motion Picture - The Comic


Diversions of the groovy kind hat den Comic zum ersten abendfüllenden Star Trek-Film.

In December, 1979, Trekkers and Trekkies from all over the universe were thrilled with the prospects of watching Kirk, Spock, and the whole Enterprise crew up on the big screen. With the original cast and a huge budget, it seemed like we were in for a far-out flick. Most of us, though, left the theaters less than thrilled. The film was kind of a dud, but it still spawned a ton of sequels (some of them were great!). Not only that, but it also gave those of us who were ST and Marvel fans what we'd been longing for--a Star Trek comic from Marvel. It all started with today's subject, Marvel Super-Special #15, in which Marv Wolfman, Dave Cockrum, and Klaus Janson adapt STtMP (and actually make the comic more interesting than the film).

Science Fiction Theater Presents: Star Trek The Motion Picture