From 52 to 48 with Love Teil 2: Angrigami


Als ZeFrank nach der US-Wahl den Republikanern die Hand in Form seines „From 52 to 48 with Love“-Projekts (vorher auf Spreeblick) reichte, bekam er nach einiger Zeit auch jede Menge Hate-Mails. Für die hat er sich auch was tolles einfallen lassen: Er bastelt Origamis daraus.

from52to48withlove generated wonderful, heartfelt and poignant responses in the form of pictures, comments and emails. However, as it became more widely circulated, it also provoked intense anger and outrage. Buffering the project from this anger became a bit overwhelming, and pretending it didn't exist seemed silly.

Angrigami is an attempt to devour the entire carcass, bones, bile and all.

ZeFranks Angrigami (via MeFi)