Doku: The President's Guide to Science

(Google Direktscience, via Kottke)

Ich hab's mir noch nicht angesehen, aber die Prämisse dieser Dokumentation klingt schonmal mehr als interessant und die Doku kann nur gut sein. Vor der US-Präsidentschaftswahl fragte BBCs Horizon einige der bekanntesten Wissenschaftler wie Richard Dawkins oder Michio Kaku, was sie dem US-Prez raten würden.

Horizon asks some of the biggest names in science to have a quiet word with the new president, be it Obama or McCain, in the Presidents Guide to Science. The United States president is quite simply the most powerful man on earth, but they often know little about science. That's a problem when the decisions they make will affect every one of us, from nuclear proliferation to climate change.

To help the new president get to grips with this intimidating responsibility some of the world's leading scientists, from Dawkins to Watson, share some crucial words of advice.

The presidents' guide to science