Theresa Kereakes' Punkrock-Fotografie

Theresa Kereakes hat derzeit die Ausstellung „Unguarded Moments: Backstage And Beyond“ in der Metropolis Galerie in Lancaster, Pennsylvania am Start und die hat sämtliche Bilder bei Flickr hochgeladen. Ich liebe es, wenn sie das tun. Oben zu sehen: Joan Jett und Billy Idol, 1978.

Unguarded Moments: Backstage And Beyond is Theresa Kereakes’ monumental collection of rare and classic images from the punk rock heyday of the late 70's that should not be missed. Her candid photos draw the audience beyond the nihilistic, yet exhilarating, essence of the era.

“I believe that anyone can capture a rock ‘n’ roll photo of an artist on stage,” says Kereakes. “What makes an image special to me, both as a photographer and a viewer, is being able to see a private moment. I like to see- and by extension, to show- a well-known individual in his or her own world, surrounded by personal totems, or that same person in a non-performance situation.”

With her photos, she offers punk fans, both past and present, that coveted VIP pass for the after-show party. When the grit and gloss of the performances are wiped away backstage, the only thing left to see is the emotional truth of an unguarded moment.

Flickr-Set: Theresa Kereakes - December at Metropolis Gallery (via Juxtapoz)
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