Die Geschichten hinter den Popsongs

14.12.2008 Misc Music #Storys

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Dave Simpson hat für den Guardian Leute interviewt, die Popsongs von Lou Reed, Blur oder den Beatles inspiriert haben. Hier die Story von Holly Woodlawn, die Figur aus Lou Reeds „Walk on the Wildside“.

Lou Reed: Walk On The Wild Side (1972)

"Holly came from Miami FLA.
Hitchhiked her way across the USA.
Plucked her eyebrows on the way
Shaved her leg and then he was a she
She says, hey babe, take a walk on the wild side"

Holly Woodlawn, (actor): My father got a job at a hotel, so we moved from New York to Miami Beach. I was going to school, getting stones thrown at me and being beaten up by homophobic rednecks. I felt I deserved better, and I hated football and baseball. So, aged 15, I decided to get the hell out of there and ran away from home. I had $27, so hitchhiked across the USA. I did pluck my eyebrows in Georgia. It hurt! My friend Georgette was plucking them and I was screaming, but all of a sudden I had these gorgeous eyebrows and she put mascara on my eyes. We ran into some marines in Lafayette in South Carolina. They tried to attack me. I was 15 and not used to this stuff. I was sitting in a car with this marine, terrified that he was going to rape me and kill me. I said, "I've never done this before." He said, "You don't wanna have sex with me?" I said it wasn't that I didn't find him attractive, I just didn't want to do it. But he was wonderful. He protected me. While Georgette was in a motel screaming and yelling with 18 marines but having a good time, he said, "When you're with me, nothing will happen to you." And they drove us all the way to New Jersey.

In New York I was living on the street. Then I met Jackie Curtis and Candy Darling, and they'd watch Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo movies at 1am. There was this club called Max's Kansas City. Jackie and Candy had just done this movie called Flesh, and they said, "You have to meet Andy [Warhol]. He's gonna make you a superstar."

I didn't want to be a superstar. My wig looked like yak hair. One day Jackie put on a show and I was in the chorus. I saw this bag of glitter and a jar of Vaseline, and smeared myself with it and got this boyfriend to throw the glitter on me. [Director] Paul Morrissey said, "I don't know who she is but she's a star." Next thing Paul's calling me up to star in a movie called Trash, and the rest is history.

One day a friend called me and said, "Turn on the radio!" They were playing Walk On The Wild Side. The funny thing is that, while I knew the Velvet Underground's music, I'd never met Lou Reed. I called him up and said, "How do you know this stuff about me?" He said, "Holly, you have the biggest mouth in town." We met and we've been friends ever since.

Bet you think this song is about you (via MeFi)