Batman verteilt Weihnachtsgeschenke an Obdachlose. Echt jetz!

Wie großartig ist das denn bitte? Ein reicher Geschäftsmann, der schon immer anonym für wohltätige Zwecke gespendet hat und nicht Bruce Wayne heisst, hat sich ein Batmankostüm angezogen und Nahrungsmittel an Obdachlose und Spielzeug an Kids verteilt. Santa Claus is Batman, actually! Grandios! Das Video läuft bei mir aus irgendeinem Grund nicht, aber die Bilder zur Story reichen mir schon. Holy F*ck! It's the Batman! Und er verteilt Geschenke! Viel besser geht's nicht.

POW! Batman turned city centre heads when he delivered dozens of mince pies, helped to serve full English breakfasts and chatted to the homeless at Sheffield's Cathedral Archer Project.

WHAM! The mystery businessman rattled Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice collection tins in the street, then worked behind the tills and stocked shelves, with new toys he donated, at the charity's shop in King Street.

BAM! Then it was off to bring smiles to the faces of children, where he funded 20 new toys and handed them out personally to kids at Sheffield Children's Hospice.

SMASH! Batman is calling for readers of The Star and radio listeners to give generously to The Star and Hallam FM's Cash For Kids Christmas Toys Appeal.

On a city centre rooftop, in a disguised gruff voice, more Attercliffe than American, he told The Star: "I know some people will think I'm bonkers. But I've always done charity work anonymously and this way I can continue doing that, while giving more of a profile to the charities.

"My message is simple – you don't need to be a superhero, or super wealthy, to give to deserving causes this Christmas or all year round.

"If you can give cash, or toys, that's fantastic. But the most precious thing we can all offer is our time."

Holy Christmas crusader - It's Batman! (via MeFi)