Johnny Ryans 9/11 zum Knuddeln. Terroranschläge als Kuscheltwintowers, die beiden heissen Northy und Southy und es gibt vielleicht kein Toy, das unsere postpostpostmodernen Zeiten besser zusammenfasst, als das hier. Zynisch? Vielleicht, ja, aber auf so 'ne fluffige Art, irgendwie.

Soft 9/11 (via Dump Trumpet)

[Update] Frank schreibt in den Comments: „Kommentar in Johnny Ryans LiveJournal:

NYC was where I lived, worked, and loved when 9/11 happened. My small part in that morning was nothing out of the ordinary. There was some running, crying, coughing, trying to find out where friends and colleagues were, and the like. For the most part I'm fine, although occasionally something will spark a rush of feelings back from that day. For example, I was angry about the movie Cloverfield because of what I perceived to be intentional use of 9/11-style reporting and footage for the sake of adding excitement to an otherwise crappy horror movie, so I am capable of being offended by what I perceive as crass or insensitive when it comes to 9/11.

That said, I found these plushies to be very touching. I don't know if I could fully articulate how they made me feel, but I think I saw them not as a trivialization of those events, but rather a distillation of the fear and sadness into something simpler and more child-like. And in that way they gave me comfort. They make me smile, albeit in a bittersweet way. Thanks for sharing them, Jenny Ryan.“