Die unterirdische Stadt von Derinkuyu

Rinco del Misterio hat ein fasziniertendes Posting über die unterirdische Stadt von Derinkuyu, Türkei. Die wurde als Rückzugsgebiet bei Kriegen gebuddelt und bot Platz für mehr als 10.000 Menschen.

In 1963, an inhabitant of Derinkuyu (in the region of Cappadocia, central Anatolia, Turkey), knocking down a wall of his house cave, discovered amazed that behind it was a mysterious room that he had never seen, and this led him room to another and another and another to it ... By chance he had discovered the underground city of Derinkuyu, whose first level could be excavated by the Hittites around 1400 BC.

Archaeologists began to explore this fascinating underground city abandoned. It managed to forty meters deep, but is believed to have a fund of up to 85 meters. Only eight can be visited at the highest levels; others are partially blocked or restricted to archaeologists and anthropologists who study Derinkuyu.

Derinkuyu, the mysterious underground city of Turkey (via Reddit)