Mario Puzo über die Dreharbeiten zu „Der Pate“

Mario Puzo himself, der Autor von „The Godfather“, hat für die Dailymail einen sehr langen und sehr faszinierenden Artikel zu den Dreharbeiten zum Paten geschrieben, einem Film, den wirklich jeder, absolut jeder gesehen haben sollte. Oben ist James Caan mit 147 Blutbomben, die Bildunterschrift lautet: „Vito Corleone's son Sonny (James Caan) is gunned to death at a tollbooth. Here, Caan's face and body are wired with 147 tiny explosive 'squibs', which explode when pulled. Caan was worried about the number - a record at the time - but went along with it rather than lose face with the women on the set“.

The reason I wrote The Godfather was to make money. My first novel, The Dark Arena (1955), received very good reviews and netted me $3,500, so I thought I was going to be rich and famous.

But when my second novel, The Fortunate Pilgrim, came out ten years later and netted me just $3,000, I was going downhill fast.

While the book received some extraordinarily fine reviews, my publisher was not impressed. I asked them for an advance to start on my next book (which would be a big classic), and the editors were cool. They were courteous. They were kind. They showed me the door.

One editor had wistfully remarked that if The Fortunate Pilgrim had only had a little more of that Mafia stuff in it, maybe the book would have made money. (One of the minor characters was a Mob chief.)

I was 45 years old and tired of being an artist. Besides, I owed $20,000 to relatives, finance companies, banks, and assorted bookmakers and shylocks. It was time to grow up and sell out, as Lenny Bruce once advised.

So I told my editors, OK, I’ll write a book about the Mafia, just give me some money to get started. They said no money until we see 100 pages. I wrote a ten-page outline. They showed me the door again.

I knew I’d never be able to write another book if the next one wasn’t a success. The psychological and economic pressure would be too much. I had never doubted I could write a best-selling commercial novel whenever I chose to do so. My writing friends, my family, my children and my creditors all assured me now was the time to put up or shut up.

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