Die Apokalypse wissenschaftlich betrachtet

Hach. Der CBC-Podcast Quirks and Quarks lässt diese Woche zehn Wissenschaftler schilder, was bei welchen Weltuntergangsszenarien tatsächlich und nicht nur im Kopf von Roland Emmerich geschehen würde. Und so erklärt Dr. Laura Ferrarese beispielsweise, was geschehen würde, wenn die Erde in ein schwarzes Loch fällt oder Dr. Peter Brown, wie sich der Einschlag einen Asteroiden wirklich auswirken würde. Ich bin dann mal 25 Minuten damit beschäftigt, mich auf das Ende der Welt vorzubereiten, so rein wissenschaftlich jetz...

1. Dr. Ray Jayawardhana, Canada Research Chair in Observational Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, explains what will happen when the expanding sun engulfs the earth and roasts the planet.

2. Dr. Vicki Kaspi, a Professor of Physics at McGill University, explores the irradiating effects of a giant gamma ray burst.

3. Dr. Laura Ferrarese, a Senior Researcher at the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics in Victoria, suggests that a rogue black hole may set its voracious appetite on Earth.

4. Dr. Peter Brown, a researcher with the Meteor Physics Group at the University of Western Ontario, tells us what will happen if a giant asteroid plunges into Earth and pulverizes us.

5. Dr. Richard Peltier, Director of the Centre for Global Change Science at the University of Toronto, has a chilling scenario: the earth becomes a Popsicle planet and puts a freeze on photosynthesis.

6. Dr. Jo-Anne Brown, an Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Calgary, explains what would happen if the galactic magnetic cloud were to collapse.

7. Dr. Sabine Stanley, an Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Toronto, says the reversal of Earth's magnetic field may cause us some trouble.

8. Dr. Peter Sutherland, a Professor at McMaster University's Department of Physics and Astronomy, explores what would happen if a nearby star were to go supernova.

9. Dr. Sarah Barnes, a Canada Research Chair in Magmatic Metallogeny at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, talks about the possibility of a gigantic super-volcano blowing us to smithereens.

10. Canadian SF writer Robert J. Sawyer imagines an Earth under alien invasion.

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