George Lucas löscht die größte Star Wars-Bildersammlung auf Flickr

Michael Heilemanns Star Wars-Bildersammlung erwähnte ich neulich erst, sie dürfte wohl mit ein paar tausend Bildern und hunderten Raritäten die größte im Netz gewesen sein. Jetzt hat George Lucas zugeschlagen und Flickr hat die Sammlung gelöscht. Shame on you, bastards! Wenn ich nicht schon „dank“ des Clone-Wars-Murkses nicht schon längst leise Servus gerufen hätte, jetzt würde ich es spätestens tun und es ist genau dieser Scheiß, der einen auf das Urheberrecht kotzen lässt und Heilemann bringt es in diesem einen Satz ganz genau auf den Punkt: „There's a magic about it, which is forever, and which isn't owned by Lucas or his companies“. In seinem Abschiedsbrief an die größte Star Wars-Bildersammlung im Netz schreibt Michael weiter:

Anyway, the take-down is a fair legal move as it were, even if I don't (obviously) agree with it. After all, the collection was an attempt at remedying the exact _lack_ of such similar resources from Lucasfilm. Thousands of people have passed through the collection and been ecstatic at the chance to peek in behind the scenes at a mythology and a series of films that are forever, and I think that it is remarkable that even now, we all carry these films with us.

This is what should be doing! But instead of its initial potential, it has grown into a tired, empty husk of a marketing machine, not only poorly designed technically (and a usability nightmare!), but also trying so desperately to promote the Clone Wars show that it has forgotten the very magic that once propelled the world into the stars, on May 25th, 1977.

As a boy I fought in the Clone Wars, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. And this isn't it.

Anyway, a collection like the one I had here could exist and thrive only because it fueled a need not otherwise being met, and I hope that if nothing else, it might somehow have planted a seed that can somehow grow into an official online collection of much higher standards and with much better and wider access.

As it were, I tip my hat to Bonnie (who I am promoting to admin of the the Star Wars group, and I'm sure she will do a great job of it) and the Star Wars Blog and hope that in the future, we fans won't have to swap images of Leia kissing a wookie in the backrooms of the internet or face take-downs when we do it in public.

Copyright laws protect Star Wars, but so far Lucas and Lucasfilm haven't been doing the best of jobs with it, so one can only wonder if it isn't in fact better left up to the fans?

Either way, those of you who joined because of my Star Wars addiction, I'm sorry, but there will be no more Star Wars on here from now on in. It's all out there on the net, but you will have to excavate it up on your own, until such a time that

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there as a Star Wars I could love. That Star Wars is gone, and so is my attempt at creating a shared memory of it. It took me a couple of years to build the collection, to tag, organize and name it. And it will take me a couple of years to get over the loss of it.

Order 66 (Danke Mathias!)