Punk for Sale at Christies

27.11.2008 Misc Music #Punk

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Bei Christies konnte man in einer Auktion Raritäten aus der Punk-Ära kaufen. Ein Original „God save the Queen“-Shirt für nur 1500$, ein signiertes Whitelabel der Ramones für 7000$, Fotos von Lou Reed und Blondie, Flyer... ich weiß schon sehr gut, warum ich zuhause 2 Kartons voller Techno-Memorabilia aufhebe. Millionen werde ich mit denen verdienen... Millionen!

“A lot of this material is not investment-potential driven,” he said. “For people in their 30s and 40s, these were their heroes and antiheroes. People have an emotional response to it because they were there, or they wish they were there. Or because they think, ‘That would look great in my living room.’ That sometimes bucks trends.”

The three-day preview last weekend drew fans who did not blanch at the prices. “I think it’s pretty reasonable,” said Derek Jones, 39, a producer who has managed Ari Up of the Slits, and worked with punk acts like Bad Brains and Dropkick Murphys. “It’s definitely a landmark part of the underground music scene. One day my stuff may be put up here for auction.”

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