Der letzte Auftritt: Totenschädel eines Pianisten in einer Hamlet-Aufführung

27.11.2008 Misc #Death #Skulls

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Der letzte Wunsch von André Tchaikowsky, einem Konzertpianisten, der als jüdischer Pole dem Holocaust entkam, war ein Auftritt als Totenschädel in einer Hamlet-Aufführung. Also vermachte er seinen Kopf der Royal Shakespeare Company, die ihm jetzt seinen letzten Willen zukommen lies. Eine romantische Ghoststory mit Totenköpfen, hach. I'm lovin it! RIP André!

From soon after his death in 1982 from cancer at the age of 46, Tchaikowsky’s final bequest has been kept in a box in a costume store. The relic finally emerged to take its place centre stage when David Tennant took on the role of Hamlet in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Tchaikowsky starred in 22 performances of the “Alas, poor Yorick” scene in which Hamlet holds aloft the skull of the court jester unearthed by a gravedigger.

The decision to use the skull was kept secret from the audience and many in the production crew for fear of distracting from Tennant’s performance. The truth was revealed after the final performance. The play will move to the Novello Theatre in London next week. It has yet to be decided if Tennant will use Tchaikowsky’s skull there.

At last, for Yorick. Bequeathed skull stars in Hamlet (via Arbroath)