David Lynch Tribute Mashup-Album

Das hier ist unter Umständen das beste Mashup-Album aller Zeiten, und zwar inklusive dem Grey Album und „24 Hrs“ von den Kleptones: Mashed in Plastic, ein David Lynch-Mashup-Tribute-Album. Das was ich bis jetzt gehört habe, ist absolut fantastisch und hier mashen Mashup-Artists von Phil Retrospector bis RIAA Tracks aus den Soundtracks von Lynch-Filmen mit Pop-Songs, Beats und Klassik, versehen das Ganze mit Samples aus den Movies oder vom Meister selbst. Es gibt Liner Notes für jeden Track, Bonus-Tracks, Wallpapers und Videos, der Aufwand, die Präsentation ist für ein Mashup-Album absolut wundervoll und überhaupt: ein Mashup-Album, David Lynch-Style. Hell, yeah! Hier mein bisheriger Favourite „I'll be there in Twin Peaks“ von Colatron und dessen fucked up Liner Notes.

(Youtube Direkttwinpeaks)

The Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” slows and melts into Angelo Badalamenti’s “Falling,” the theme music for the “Twin Peaks” series. In it, we hear Donna ask, “Do you think that if you were falling in space that you would slow down after awhile or go faster and faster?” To which Laura responds, “Faster and faster. For a long time, you wouldn’t feel anything. Then: burst into fire. Forever. And the angels wouldn’t help you. Because they’d all gone away.”

Lynchian metaphysics. A staggering topic, informed thoroughly by the human heart, human soul, human understanding and misunderstanding. The image evoked is a spacebound Alice, not yet in Wonderland, Laura Palmer falling from her own grace and that of her quiet town, a place burbling with subcutaneous demons. Maybe Michael Jackson, his adult self crying out for release from his tortured earthbound skin, imagines some fantastical, child-safe otherworld, a place where someone will reach out their hand and be there for you. Just as Laura Palmer still does, somewhere.

Mashed in Plastic (via Jeriko)