Jim Mahfood aka Food One, Comic-Zeichner

(Youtube Direktfood, via Juxtapoz)

Jim Mahfood aka Food One ist Illustrator und Comic-Zeichner und hat unter anderem die Comics zu Clerks und Clerks 2, Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, mehrere Spidermans und Batmans und vieles mehr gezeichnet. In seinem Portfolio findet man haufenweise wunderbar locker gezeichneter Werke, der Mann kann was. In diesem Video erzählt er ein wenig über seine Arbeit und bei Tina Ziegler gibt's ein ganzes Interview.

Tell us Jim, how did you get addicted to comics?
I got in to comics when I was a little kid, I kind of learned how to read by reading comics. I must of been 7 o8 when I started buying comic books.

Did you have a older sibling who influenced you to get in to comics or did you just pick one up one day and you knew that was it ?
No, not really. I used to watch Sesame street and the Electric company on PBS , the Electric Company had these spider man segments on it, it was this live action thing were was guy dressed in a spider man suit going on adventures. And that’s really when I fell in love with Spider man, so naturally when I found out that there were spider man comics I started collecting comics and then it started..

So I guess spider man was kind of the reason I got in to all of this.

Wow, that’s a good story. So from that point on you became an addict to collect Spider man, but were you also drawing at the time?
I started to buy comics and then after that I started to draw my own version of comics, and started creating my own books and just stapling them together.

All you ever wanted to know about Jim Mahfood! Exclusive interview by Hunt & Gather