Dan Witz favourite Streetart aus der Bush-Ära

Dan Witz schreibt bei Wooster über die beeindruckendste Street-Art, die er in den vergangenen 8 Jahren bewundern durfte. Keine bunten Bilder, keine Stencils, keine Banksys, nichtmal was Gesprühtes, sondern: kopierte Bilder alltäglicher Szenen aus irakischen Familien, ein wunderbares Statement gegen die Entmenschlichung, die in jedem Krieg stattfindet. Die besten Ideen sind immer einfach. Immer.

I have to say, throughout these dark days, no significant art of rebellion stands out for me, my own work included, except for one thing: the piece below which I first saw on the Wooster Collective site on February 14th. 2003.

in 2003, the week before the US started bombing Baghdad, these posters began appearing in cities throughout the world. These pictures of daily life in Iraq were taken by artist Paul Chan, who had recently returned from Baghdad as a member of the Iraq Peace Team. He posted them on the web as a way of introducing Americans to the people who we were about to be bombing. In New York City, the Baghdad Snapshot Action Crew printed out the photos and put them up around the city with tape or wheatpaste.

"Give 'Em Props!": Dan Witz on the Baghdad Posters