Tessa Farmers creepy Ameisen-Elfen

Tessa Farmer bastelt Skulpturen aus Tierkadavern und versieht diese mit winzigen bewaffneten Elfen aus Ameisen, die so gar nicht elfengleich das tote Viehzeug plattmachen und das ganze sieht genauso unheimlich und creepy aus, wie es sich liest.

Far removed from the Victorian notion of fairies as benign beings, her creatures are by no means cute or innocent. They are predators; barbarous and violent beings who are waging war on each other and on the animal kingdom that they inhabit. Usually too small to view properly without a magnifying glass, the fairies demand our closest attention. They are equipped with miniature spears and weapons and observing their blood-sport pastimes on close inspection induces a notion of terror and fear. At the same time, the detail with which her objects are crafted leave us with wonder and amazement and we sense that the boundaries between what is ‘real’ and what is ‘imagined’ are being blurred.

Tessa Farmer at the Spencer Brownstone Gallery (via Dinosaurs & Robots)
Fotos der Ausstellung