Monster Road, Dokumentation über Bruce Bickford, Frank Zappas Knetmännchen-Animator

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Bruce Bickford wurde vor allem bekannt durch seine surrealen Knetmännchen-Animationen für und mit Frank Zappa. 2004 wurde sein Leben und seine Arbeit in der Dokumentation „Monster Road“ näher beleuchtet, im obigen Film sind verschiedene Ausschnitte in einem 9minütigen Video zu sehen. Snip von der Film-Website:

Monster Road is a feature length documentary exploring the wildly fantastic worlds of legendary animator Bruce Bickford. Tracing the origins of Bickford's iconoclastic worldview, the film journeys back to Bickford's childhood in a competitive household during the paranoia of the Cold War and examines his relationship with his father, George, who is facing the onset of Alzheimer's Disease.

Monster Road premiered at the 2004 Slamdance Film Festival where it won "Best Documentary," eventually screening at over 85 festivals around the world, winning sixteen awards before premiering on Sundance Channel in June 2005.

Seine berühmtesten Filme sind vor allem „The Amazing Mr. Bickford“ und „Baby Snackes“, Snip von Wikipedia:

Bruce Bickford (born 1947) is an expert clay animation artist. He often collaborated with Frank Zappa, resulting in his most famous works such as The Amazing Mr. Bickford. His major debut of work was in the Frank Zappa movie Baby Snakes in which cut sequences depicted surreal animations of Bickford's own unique world and vision.

Often outwardly expressive as a disconnected individual (in his views of the world around him), Bruce Bickford's work was extremely subjective in its content and concepts, making for some truly disturbing and shocking imagery. Much of his video work depicted fast-moving, fluid-like transformations of human figures and disfigured faces into odd beasts on surreal structural settings with impressive camera effects (moving around within his stop-motion animation).

His life and work were featured in the 2004 biographical documentary film Monster Road, directed by Brett Ingram, which has won numerous film festival awards and garnered acclaim in many countries.

Die Dokumentation habe ich online leider nicht gefunden, dafür ist aber „The Amazing Mr. Bickford“ kompletto bei Google Video online.(Google Direktamazing)

Und hier noch „Baby Snakes“:

(Youtube Direktsnakes)