Die Boombox-Bank

(Vimeo Direktboombench)

Die Boombench ist eine nicht ganz so herkömmliche Sitzbank mit integrierten Boxen und einem Bluetooth-Interface. Einfach draufsetzen, den Player mit der Bank verbinden und abhotten.

In order to boost the capacity the Boom Bench features eight 60-watt co-axial speakers and two subwoofers that can be accessed through Bluetooth. The Boom Bench in a way is a super-sized Docking Station. Connect your player to the amplifier and take control. Now you can play your music with 95 dB high quality sound. A Bass Shaker in the seat transforms the deep sounds into vibrations that enhance the physical sensation of your tunes.

Playing loud music in public will either attract or repel people. As such it will shape the place. Either you start an instant party or mark your territory. The music will become an acoustic sign.

Boombench by NL architects