Das Dexter-Esszimmer

Amy Lau gestaltete dieses blutverschmierte Esszimmer für Showtime, dem Dexter-Sender. Darin gibt es Stühle mit Blutflecken, sowieso: überall Blut, ganz viel Weiß (damit das Blut besser zur Geltung kommt, logo) und jede Menge Reagenzgläser. Mit Rotwein. Sieht aber auch aus wie Blut. Ich schätze mal, Steaks isst man dort praktisch nur roh.

With a blood-splatter analyst-cum-vigilante killer as her inspiration, Amy Lau takes dining to a newly dramatic level. Although a psychopath, Dexter is the murderer viewers root-for because he has his principles — he only kills criminals who deserve to die. Dashing Dexter is focused on perfecting the craft of both his day and night jobs with the hope that the two worlds never collide. In turn, Lau serves up a room in which Dexter can spill red wine without anyone noticing and discard the chicken bones with abandon.

Spotlighted by Metropolitan Home in their "Who's Next" Young Designer series, Lau specializes in creating refined and optimistic modern spaces that look more curated than decorated, with residential and commercial clients ranging from Elvis Costello to Elie Tahari.

Dexter Dining Room and Kitchen (Video) (via Boing Boing)