Barack Obama Designer-Action-Figures

Barack Obama als O-Bama, Iconic Obama (Bild oben), Potter Obama, Barack Obowie, Thriller Obama, Optimus Prime, Obama on Mars, Yes We Cannon, Robin Obamahood, Government Vehicle 1, Animals 4 Obama, Growth for America In Action: Seeds For Chang, The Green Warrior, As Seen on TV und als Green Lantern. 45 Obama-Vinyl-Toys gestaltet von Künstlern und Designern.

G. I. O—the real American hero? Jailbreak Toys and Brooklyn music and design store Halcyon the Shop asked prominent contemporary artists like Suckadelic and Mars-1 to make their own customized, handmade toys. Here's what they came up with for our next President.

Obama Action Figures (Danke Jan!)