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Aaaah! Am Wochenende nach nur vier Wochen endlich angekommen: Der Psychotronic Video Guide von Michael J. Weldon, eine gesammelte Ausgabe eines Fanmags über das, was man wohl am ehesten als Genrefilme bezeichnen kann. Darin finden sich 9000 (!) Kurzreviews zu allen B-, C- und Z-Movies, die es jemals gegeben hat (aber auch zu Indy, Star Wars und Aliens). This is it! Snip von Wikipedia:

Psychotronic Video was a film magazine originally started by publisher/editor Michael J. Weldon in 1980 in New York City as a hand-written and photocopied weekly fanzine entitled Psychotronic TV. It was then relaunched by Weldon under its more commonly known name as an offset quarterly in 1989. Both versions of the magazine covered what Weldon dubbed "Psychotronic Movies", which he defined as "the ones traditionally ignored or ridiculed by mainstream critics at the time of their release: horror, exploitation, action, science fiction, and movies that used to play in drive-ins or inner city grindhouses." Weldon coined the term after being inspired by The Psychotronic Man (1975), a low budget science fiction obscurity.

Zu einem der schlechtesten Filme, die ich jemals gesehen habe, meint der Psychotronic Video Guide beispielsweise:

The Suckling
In 1973, a tentacled, mutant monster (Michael Gingold, later a Fangoria editor) terrorizes and kills off everybody trapped in a rickety old Brooklyin whorehouse run by "Big Mama", a part-time illegal abortion doctor. The monster was a baby, exposed to toxic waste after being flushed down the toilet. The monster's mother has a flashback of what happened while drugged in a hospital. The various pimps, hookers, and johns argue, bitch, and fight while they die one by one. Frank Reeves stands out as Axel, a crazed, wired human killer (sort of like Harvey Keitel would have been in Night of the living Dead). This very tasteless low-budget horror movie by film students has some good camera work, a dream within a dream, a crawling hand, decapitations, animation, sex, blood, gore, humor, violence, Halloween-type music and one of the strangest comic S&M scenes ever filmes. It's not boring.

Psychotronic Video Guide, it's not boring, indeed! Hier hatte ich übrigens schonmal eine Liste mit Filmen aus diesem Buch gepostet, die online bei verfügbar sind.

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