Andrew Emonds Abandoned-Fotografie

Dieses ganze verrottende Zeug macht mich ja mittlerweile nicht mehr so an und ist einigermaßen durch. Nicht aber, wenn es so schick fotografiert wird, wie von Andrew Emonds.

I first started taking pictures at the age of eighteen and have dedicated the past four years to documenting the hidden and overlooked aspects of the built environment. My work has taken me everywhere from sewer systems to generating stations to a wide variety of vacated industrial workplaces found in eastern Canada and the United States.

By examining these off-limit areas, I hope to be able to establish a better understanding of the world around me, both in terms of its mechanics and some of the social and economic changes that have occured within certain communities over time.

Andrew Emonds (via Seehere)
Worksongs (sein Fotoblog)