Interview mit Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne über „Christmas on Mars“ und den „March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons“

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Wired hat ein tolles Interview mit einem meiner Lieblings-Weirdos Wayne Coyne von den Flaming Lips, in dem er über den endlich fertiggestellten surrealen SciFi-Film „Christmas on Mars“ (Trailer) und den morgigen von ihm angezettelten „March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons“ spricht. So I heard you injured yourself.

Wayne Coyne: Yeah, it sucks. It happened when we were down in Mexico, and I wish I could tell you that I got in a fight with some Hell's Angels in Guadalajara. But I think I just slept on my neck wrong. I will leave it up to you to spread a lie for me. I think you should go with the brawl. Say that it was between the Hell's Angels and Nine Inch Nails, and I stepped into to break it up. Are you dosed up?

Wayne Coyne: I'm on quite a few drugs, but nothing too exciting. Just a bunch of muscle relaxers, steroids and some badass painkillers. I haven't tripped out too much yet. I don't like tripping out.

[...] Are you excited about the March? It's taking off.

Wayne Coyne: Yeah, we did it last year as an experiment in public performance-art bullshit, in conjunction with Oklahoma City, which was trying to do something for the community. Previous to this, Halloween was always balked at by the religious people around here, always played down. When we were thinking about the parade a few years ago, the city was like, "You'll be the biggest attraction in it, right?" So we said, well, damn, OK. So I proposed the March, the fire marshal and everyone else got involved, and it went off last year without any trouble. Meaning, no one got burned alive.

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