Björk erklärt Fernsehtechnik

(Youtube Direktbjörk, via Hack A Day)

In diesem Video erklärt uns Björk Fernsehtechnik, selbstverständlich im Björk-Style. Da werden dann Widerstände und Kabel zu Hochhäusern und Aufzügen und der ganze Apparat an sich zu einer gigantischen Hypno-Maschine.

I remember being very scared of it, because an icelandic poet told me that not, like in cinemas, where the thing that throws the picture from it just sends light on the screen. But this is different, this is millions of millions of little screens who send light on you. Some sort of electrical light, I'm not really sure, but because there's so many of them and in fact you are watching many, many frames when you're watching TV your head is very busy all the time to calculate and put it all together into one picture, and then, because you're so busy doing that, you don't watch very carefully, what the program you are watching is really about. You become hypnotized, so all that's on TV goes directly into your brain, and you stop judging if it's right or not, so you just swallow and swallow. This is what an icelandic poet told me once.

Danach sagt sie noch, der isländische Poet hätte gelogen, aber unter uns, er hatte natürlich Recht: you just swallow and swallow.