Ölrechner reloaded

Eins meiner ersten Postings hier auf Nerdcore handelte von einem in Öl eingelegten Rechner. Davon gibt es jetzt eine kommerzielle Variante: ein Rechner mit Öl-Kühlung, quasi, funktioniert aber genau nach dem gleichen Prinzip, sieht nur viel schicker aus. Der Nachteil gegenüber der Aquarium/Salatöl-Variante: das Teil kostet $11.000 Dollar und Sardinen sind auch keine dabei.

It looks like it has glowing nuclear fuel rods bathing in a cooling pool, good reason for its creator, Hardcore PC, to aptly name it Reactor. Its case is actually a vat of cooling oil, with the entire motherboard and all its accompanying components submerged within.

Withstanding the submersion are three Samsung solid-state hard drives (don't try this with old-fashioned spinning hard drives!), along with only the highest-end components. With all this sci-fi cooling, the machine will be popular with overclockers, those who treat their PCs like hot rods and dial up the speed of their processors way higher than conventionally-cooled PCs will allow. They'll pay dearly for the privilege here, shelling out $11K for this baby.

UFO-like Hardcore PC Reactor components submerged in cooling oil (via Hack A Day)