John Cleese über die US-Wahl (komplettes Interview)

(Youtube Direktmontypython)

Als ich mir eben das Video von John Cleese nochmal ansah, in dem er über Sarah Palin herzieht, entdeckte ich auf einmal einen über die „neuen“ Youtube-Anotations eingefügten Link zum kompletten Interview. Darin erzählt er, warum er es für extrem wichtig hält, dass Amerika einen Barack Obama zum Präsidenten wählt, und das kann ich genau so unterschreiben.

I think it is so important that Barack Obama is elected. Because the world is treating America now a little bit like the village idiot of the international community. And it's hardly surprising! You see, when they elected George Bush for the first time, the world thought: well, it was probably stolen. Here was a guy who was winning the election because of the state where his brother was governer. That was under Jeff Bushes controll. And here is George W. Bush, who is son of the previous President and who was also the head of the secret service. I mean, it sounds like it's a South American country.

When the Americans really put a foot in it, was re-electing Bush. I mean the rest of the world was flabbergasting and I think it could be almost fixed by that [Snap] by electing Obama because it really indicates, this is not fundamentaly a backward, redneck racist society.