Kunst aus alten Financial Times

Natasha Archdale macht Kunst mit nackten Mädchen auf alten Ausgaben der Financial Times. Der perfekte Kommentar derzeit, weil: da kommt noch was. Wie auch immer, die Times Online hat noch einen Artikel zu Natasha Archdales Arbeiten.

Vanity is not yet dead in the City. Financiers have been commissioning nude portraits of their wives made from collages of newspaper clippings telling the stories of their own financial conquests.

Natasha Archdale, a model turned artist, tears strips from the City news pages that tell of the big deals to incorporate into paintings that cost up to £15,000 a time.

Archdale, 32, began using pink shreds of newspapers to match her own flesh tones when she was stuck in hospital for six weeks after a car crash and, as she was bored, decided to create a self-portrait.

With no paint at hand, she ripped up a copy of the Financial Times, borrowed glue from her nurse and stuck the pieces on her picture to give shading and contours. From this bedside doodling has grown a lucrative career in which she uses newsprint to turn her paintings into collages using the likes of the Financial Times and The New York Times pasted onto nudes.

In one commission Dorrit Moussaieff, the wife of the president of Iceland, was seated naked apart from a pair of gloves and a hat created from cuttings showing banknotes.

Natasha Archdale (via Arbroath)
That's no old FT, that's my naked wife