Der Bilder brechende Regenbogen-Panda von Flickr und Derek Chatwoods Portfolio

Flickr hat einen Bilder brechenden Regenbogen-Panda zu seiner Explore-Sektion hinzugefügt und das ist kein Scherz. Dieser Regenbogen-Panda stammt aus Darek Chatwoods Portfolio, ebenfalls auf Flickr und jetzt nähern wir uns langsam dem wirklich tollen Teil. Derek hat nämlich nicht nur ein tolles Portfolio voller bunter und oft auch politischer Illustrationen, er denkt sich darüber hinaus auch noch zu jedem Bild eine kurze Geschichte aus und die sind oft ein ziemlicher Brüller. Das hier ist zum Beispiel der amerikanische Präsident von 2048, wo die Menschheit alle sozialen und gesellschaftlichen Probleme überwunden hat. Die Geschichte zu diesem Bild geht so:

Meet the President of the United States, circa 2048.

Most social issues had been resolved for the most part. Poverty, privacy rights, racism, marriage rights for all, along with most other social inequities had long dissolved as older generations died off, and their outdated policies with them. With the discovery of the Hephret Scrolls (commonly known as the "Rainbow Scrolls") in 2015, effectively "outing" Jesus as a gay black man, the various Christian churches were forced to confront a profound misreading of their faith. This resulted in the slow but eventual dismantling of prejudices and preconceptions based on race, gender, and sexual identity.

Combined with the anonymous "donation" of universal education that began in 2020, (allowing anyone residing in the country regardless of citizenship a full ride to any school or college) the United States began an intellectual, spiritual and creative Renaissance that continues to this day.

Class struggles, no longer over information and education, meant that the concept of "The American Dream" shifted from amassing wealth, to knowledge and understanding. This new "dream" resulted in a hyper-educated citizenry full of ideas, virtually eliminating pollution and disease and crime within a single generation.

Instead of wealth determining power, the elite of the elite, were simply the brightest and best. The cream of the new American crop, would rise to lead.

Meet the President of the United States, circa 2048.

She's a Conservative Republican.

POTUS 2048 or Cynicism Gets Old (via Waxy und Notcot)