Smurf Wars!

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Marcelo Braga ist ein Illustrator aus Brasilien und malt Hellboys und Robin the Boy Wonder als alten Knacker (The Old Fart Wonder). Der allercoolste Post auf seinem Blog sind aber die Illustrationen, die er für ein Comic-Konzept, ein Mashup von „300“ und den Schlümpfen, gemacht hat. „300“ mit Schlümpfen ist definitiv ein Comic, das ich lesen würde und tatsächlich war die Verfilmung ja genau das: „300“ mit Schlümpfen.

The story starts after the Smurfs invasion of Gargamel's Castle. They finally captured and killed him, as well as his cat Azrael. As a trophy, the cat's preserved body was put at the center of the village's main square, as a reminder of Dark Times forever gone, or so they thought...

There was a period of peace and prosperity, everything went well until a disease took over the weakened body of Papa Smurf. Shortly before he died, Papa asked Hefty, the strongest Smurf, to take care of his children in the hopes that they never suffer from the lack of anything in his absence. Hefty, now living with Smurfette, his fiance, accepted this responsibility and, even with very little experience, lead his people with great wisdom. What he didn't know was that envy was always growing in the heart of Brainy Smurf. He, with his thick glasses, and enormous intelligence was the new leader's adviser and suffered deeply by the unrequited love of the only girl in the tribe: Smurfette. Also, he felt that he should be the new leader. After all he was the smartest Smurf and second-in-command behind Papa Smurf.

Jealous and envious, Brainy breaks away from Hefty and starts to preach a new ideal for his brothers: a Democracy! Educated and persuasive, he convince nearly half of the village with his revolutionary ideas. The Smurfs are now divided into two groups: those who support the Hefty centralized regime, and those who defend the democratic ideals of Brainy. Gradually, that which was only a debate heated on ideologies becomes a serious conflict. With tensions running high, a Civil War is declared and Brainy and his followers are expelled from the village and forced to live in the forest. Exiled, humiliated and angry, Brainy plots his revenge against Hefty. Knowing that Hefty and Smurfette had never had sex because they are not married, he orders a surprise attack at the village under a cold and rainy night.

SMURFS WARS - Full Story (via Batblog)

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