René Elsewhere (16.9. – 28.9.)

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Fünf Filmfreunde
Der Baader Meinhof Komplex - Extended Trailer
Moby Dick Remake
F1 – If you leave me now!
The Spirit – Neuer Trailer
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Neuer Trailer
Paul Newman RIP
Max Payne – Featurette
Sacha „Borat“ Cohen crasht eine Modenschau in Milano
Michael Moores Slacker Uprising

Fifty People, One Question
Lehman auf Ebay
Hitchhikers sixth Galaxy
Search Engine Battle Rap
Das Google-Phone
One Man AC/DC-Coverband
Gratis-Sampler von Wichita Recordings

Stoopid Tall Bikes Will Save The World

„Riding any bicycle is a positive step toward a healthy lifestyle and personal enjoyment, but it's the tall bike that…

Kids & Explosions - Swear Words

„Inspired by GIF, this video clip is about the clichés of american antagonisms: Christian thought, homeland love and excesses of…

Nothing But Star Wars-Mixtape

„A humorous archival journey thru the last 40 years of the Star Wars phenomenon just in time for the 40th…


I find this far funnier than I should (don't watch if you have obsessive-compulsive disorder). You absolute bastard of a…

Monster 6502

Ein riesiger 6502 aka der Prozessor des Apple I, Atari 800 oder des Commodore VC-20. Seine Nachfolger steckten unter anderem…

Neural Network sorts Skate Decks

David De Vigne hat ein Neural Network auf seine Sammlung von Skatedecks trainiert und hat sie damit nach visuellen Merkmalen…

Defined Safe Spaces are cool

In den letzten Tagen gab es zwei interessante Diskussionen um Safe Spaces. 1.) Why a Women's-Only 'Wonder Woman' Screening That…

Musicvideos: Chromatics, American Lips, Death Grips, The Smith Street Band, Ilgen-Nur, All We Are, Sleeptalking, Fazerdaze, Mary Epworth, Juiceboxxx

How Genres change: Superhero Movies Get Old

SOURCES AND FURTHER READING: John G. Cawelti, "Chinatown and Generic Transformation in Recent American Films" (PDF) Jean-Christophe Cloutier, A Country…

David Fincher - Invisible Details

„A look at the hidden visual effects work of David Fincher's filmography.“

Caught between extremes

Laci Greens follow up video to her now internet-famous Taking The Red Pill?-Video: Caught between extremes. She basically talks about…