Interview with me on Fairtylizer

I'm always quite surprised when I get to realize, that I really do have international Readers. True. Stephen from Fairtilizer, they make something with teh Interwebz and Music and such, came to me asking for an Interview (a couple of weeks ago, doh!) and finally I was able to write some bits down last week. The thing is online at their Fairtilizer-Blog. Sorry for the delay, Stephen, but I was such a lazy bone was really bussy with all kinds of stuff. Like, errrr, things. Oh, and I also had the opportunity to make a „Featured Playlist“ which you can check out on the left. Thanks for that, dude.

What’s the story behind Nerdcore, how did it start?
I had a Fanmag in the 90s called Crackajack, a Magazine focused on techno music and the local scene in the 90s, which lead me into learning Desktop Publishing and Typesetting. After I got in touch with the web around 2000, I had no Idea that one could start something like a Fanmag on the Web too… untill 2005, when I first heard about blogs. I chose a name for it, installed WordPress…and off it goes.

How do you pick what you post on your blog?
I never make plans for blogging, I just go through my feedreader and pick the stories that are appealing to me at this very moment. Blogging on Nerdcore is different every single day, sometimes I focus on scifi, sometimes on horror, sometimes on music or copyright and sometimes on Japanese ladies dressed in bikinis dancing tango with Stormtroopers from Star Wars. You just never know. It’s my very own playground and I never know what I want to play with tomorrow.

How important is music for Nerdcore?
Music is a very important part of my life, beginning with my parents who made me a record-player and AC/DC’s Back in Black as a gift at the age of 7 or 8 or so. I can’t imagine living a life without music, although I know people who do so. I don’t know how they survive, but they do. Music (just like movies) is one of the main fixstars in my life and I keep circulating around those both, changing focus from music to film and vice versa. Oh yes, and literature and games… and zombies! You know what? Maybe music isn’t my focus really, it’s more pop culture altogether.

Und nein, ich schreib heute nur ausnahmweise mal auf Englisch. Ab morgen wieder Denglisch, versprochen.